Welcome to Hotel Spreewaldschule

In the hotel Spreewaldschule in the community Heideblick / district Langengrassau great value is placed on the well-being and satisfaction of our guests.

But even before or after your stay in our hotel, which is located near Luckau on the edge of the famous Spreewald region, and in the immediate vicinity of the world famous "tropical islands", we are here for you. Contact us online, express your wishes, ask for our flyers and brochures or order gift Certificates and make others happy. In order not to miss any of our special offers in the future, we suggest you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Especially tailored to your needs as a tourist or business traveler, we offer two subjects: travel tips and business news. The hotel is also equipped with seminar rooms and rooms for celebrations so you can accommodate your guests for training or other events in the same building where the event takes place.


Hotel Spreewaldschule
Jean Laffin
Langengrassau Schulplatz 1
15926 Heideblick
Tel. +49 35454 873640
Fax +49 345 45183031

Hotel Spreewaldschule

The hotel Spreewaldschule offers the familiar ambiance in a quiet location nearby the "Tropical Islands". Enjoy you arrive in the small and fine hotel and simply feel good.

Telefon & Mail

YOU CAN REACH US DAILY: +49 35454 873640